“Finally, Robotic Beings Rule the World”

In reading this piece by Reid, he makes many good points on robots, artificial intelligence, and what our future is coming to. With the advancements in technology reaching new heights each day, it seems that it’s becoming more and more likely that robots will be integrated (or even take over) our every day lives. But is this really possible? According to the article, this is possible. But what Reid also says is that we are becoming similar to robots in the respect that we are predictable. Computers are able to predict what we will do before we even know we are gong to do it. Humans are creatures of habits, and computers are good at detecting this.

While it’s nearly inevitable that robots and computers will continue to invade our lives, I do not believe that computers could replace us. Because while we are predictable, there is always the option for us to become unpredictable. For example, when walking down the hall, most people would wave and make eye contact with the person walking in the opposite direction. A computer could easily predict this action since it is so commonplace. But, there is always the option to do something, or literally anything else. While humans can do this, a computer is only programmed to do what is there. There is no original or wavering thoughts that come out of the program.

These statements relate back to our everyday life. Writing could be (and is) done by computers, but there will never be something truly the same as a real human creating something.



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